Time on computer does not match the server.. but I have updated my internet time

Hi there! I am using Yoroi and for a couple weeks or so Yoroi has been giving me this warning at the top of the page:

“WARNING: time on your computer does not match the server. This can cause unexpected results
Time difference:17 days
Synchronize time on your device to resolve this issue”

The time difference continues to go up.

I have went into my computers settings: “Date and Time” > “Internet Time” > “Change Settings” > and updated it to “time.windows.com”. However, this didn’t fix the issue.

Might you be able to help? I would greatly appreciate it! :smiley:

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I had automatic sync problems as well on Windows… just set the time manually in the system…

Thank you for your response! However, I am confused. Do you mean I am supposed to set my date back 19 days?

Ho what you need to do is to set the current time on you system - manually. http://time.is will tell you the current time