Yoroi Wallets Dont Match

Hello, new here and not sure if this is in the right spot… I seem to have an issue where my same Yoroi wallets dont match. I have the Yoroi I use most the time on my PC and on my my laptop i have the same Yoroi wallet connected i just use it way less. I opened up the Yoroi on my laptop today and it shows basically nothing besides a random 1.29 ADA. It doesnt even show my assets tab. The matching wallet on my PC has more ADA and many many NFTs and things in it. I have gone into settings and resynced the wallet but it keeps coming up with just the 1.29 ADA and nothing that is actually in the wallet as show in my matching wallet on the PC and confirmed on pool.pm.

Edit: Ive figure out the 1.29 ADA showing is my unclaimed staking rewards as i can see them in my functioning Yoroi. Still nothing else shows though after 2 syncs and many refreshs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hello and welcome aboard @C4ypto_Ed

It may help to know that Yoroi represents each wallet with a unique series made up of FourLetters - FourNumbers. If this series is the same in the wallet opened on the PC and the laptop, you can be sure that it is the same wallet and therefore, the difference between the balances shown is due to a synchronization problem.

As a Yoroi alternative, you can use adalite.io

I hope this helps you,
Greetings, Nápoles

Yes its the same wallet. They are indeed the same Four letters Four numbers. I can tell there is some sort of sync problem but it is not solved when i sync through the wallet options. This seems to be my problem.

Go to settings - wallet → resync wallet
If still not showing the right balance then delete the wallet and restore it again with seed words