Yoroi 1.10 - Won't sync wallet


This was supposed to be a Help thread… but as I was documenting my errors Yoroi somehow fixed itself. I’m gonna post my experience maybe it can help others… Also apparently I can only post one picture because I’m new, so I will leave links to pictures #2,#3 for clarification

Long time hodler of ADA, with a lot of respect for this project. Never had an issue with any product relating to Cardano/ADA. Until yesterday…

I’ve been holding my ADA on Daedalus for years and for the last year on my Ledger Nano S on Yoroi.

I noticed that Yoroi was updated and I went to check it out only to find this:

I posted a support ticket on Yorois website and went to sleep on it…

Today I see the same reaction from Yoroi, without the red banner (NOTICE: I created a new “normal” wallet, called Home wallet, yesterday just to poke Yoroi as it was stuck as seen in the first image): https://ibb.co/68RDLfc

I then before posting this thread, I decided to give you a homogen picture with just the ledger wallet on the list. So i proceeded to delete the wallet to take a screenshot and BAM! my balance appeared instantly! result: https://ibb.co/6J63FxJ