Tips for StakePools on creating more visibility

We’ve just posted a new podcast, providing tips to upcoming Cardano StakePools on how they can gain more visibility by & trust from ADA holders

The ADA voice is committed to helping StakePools promote their work.

At The ADA voice you also get to know our community members


This is very true, I’m sure many ADA holders would be keen to find out more about the choice of pools, their solutions and the people behind them.

Thanks for creating :+1:

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Thank you very much for your support.
There will be more series like this coming out soon.

Thank you DarfADA,

Providing StakePools the opportunity to promote themselves and, besides interviews, also advising ways they can gain more visibility us currently one of our focus points.

An other focus point to helping the community get to know other members, their story and their future vision for the ecosystem.

Would you be willing to partake in an interview as well? PM me if you are and for more details.