To become Slots Leaders

Hello, I would like to become Slots Leaders. But I do not know at all how to do, do you have a toturiel allowing me to follow the procedure? I do not know at all how to make the request or do it? Thank you for your answers

To become a slot leader you need to purchase ADA. Then wait till Q1 2019, when you can be selected to validate blocks and receive ADA. Your likelihood to become a slot leader is dependent on the number of ADA you hold.

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Thank you for your reply. Why should we wait until early 2019? I thought it was already in place now and that some people have already been selected to be leaders slots?

No, we’re still in the bootstrap era. All stake is delegated to a cluster of centralized servers, the rewards they receive are burned.

Also, “slot leader” isn’t a privileged position reserved for the rich and you can’t choose to become one, they are selected randomly, based on how much ADA everyone owns. Similar to mining in proof of work, where people with more hashing power are more likely to mine a block and get the reward for it. Like with mining hardware, there is no minimum, you’ll be able to stake a small amount of ADA and get consistent small rewards for it. You’ll be able to join a staking pool, which is similar to a mining pool.

ok, thanks for your answers, I will wait :slight_smile:

If you want to increase your chances to become a slot leader you should buy ADA at the cheapest possible prices. These price levels are low… but I don’t know if they will go lower or higher from here.

yes, that’s the question to 1 billion … When to buy? :wink: