Transaction editor updates

Thanks to catalyst funding for this project I’m releasing a status update.

The project is on Github and at the moment it has demo videos on, spending transactions, token mints, and stake delegation and withdraws. It is compatible with node 1.33 by auto translating your tokennames from strings to hex when you craft the transaction.

Project: GitHub - Titan-C/cardano.el
Website for my projects:

Happy to read your feedback.

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Hello @Titan-C,

I have checked all the details, looks like a great project.

My name is Dhruval Kamdar, a Chief executive officer from Stalwart Info.

Stalwart info Is an IT Company with a team of 22 people based in India. We do work as an Outsourcing partner and provide dedicated Resources to the clients on their needs.

Here you can check us out:

@Titan-C Let us know if there is anything where we can help you by being your extra helping hand. We would love to collaborate on this idea.

With Best Regards
Dhruval K

It has been close to two months since my last update. Covid hit me and I have not been working on this. Now, I’m back and want to announce that the transaction editor now interfaces with cardano-addresses to build all your HD keys. On top of that you can run a cardano-wallet, the same backend of Daedalus and enjoy full wallet functionality.

I’ll record a new demo video on the coming week. I need to buy a new microphone.

Looking forward to any feedback.

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The latest version of the editor is out. I currently uses an SQLite database to manage keys and addresses. That required a lot of trial and errors in the prototyping stage, but it is now out.

I prepared the long awaited video around file & address management. Have a look here:

I have a new video showcase including the interface to the cardano wallet and how to spend from multisignature scripts and some utility features when unlocking Plutus Scripts.

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