Transferred ADA to Trust Wallet, cannot swap/send


I’d like to apologize in advance bc I am not a fully informed user.

I sent ADA to my Trust Wallet in the interest of swapping it with USDT TRC-20.

On my wallet, the balance appeared and now it doesn’t appear, but it does say that the transfer into the wallet happened. Would you need the block number to investigate?

Here’s my Cardanoscan : Address addr1q882umwekmtaua4xztyqyu9vxamty5elu3rxcqk9pxt5src78zc4nsqkrpzshvsazpruzq6xgrf5dkrwq6x3cyw4ck2qe72nhu - Cardanoscan

Anyways, I’m simply trying to turn my ADA into USDT TRC-20.

When I try to send the ADA to another wallet, it returns an “error unknown”.

Any tips are greatly appreciated.

So, your Trust wallet Staking Account 1e38b159c01618450bb21d1047c1034640d346d86e068d1c11d5c594 | Cardano Explorer has two transactions:
At 17:14 UTC, you deposited 726 ADA into it.
At 18:30 UTC, you sent 715 ADA to Binance.

If you want to swap to USDT on Tron network that seems correct. That can only be done on a centralised exchange because it’s on a totally different blockchain.

It might take a while until Binance acknowledges it and shows it in your account.

I don’t know why you took the detour through the Trust wallet. You could have just deposited directly to Binance from your original wallet.