lost balance

i wonder if anyone can help
im a bit of a newbie to this but am trying to learn it as i go along
i set a yoroi wallet up and it showed two wallets both had two balances from two different amounts i sent to it.
the other week i wanted to transfer the balances into one wallet.
i transferred one balance over and today when i logged it only one wallet was showing.
but the balance was wrong.the amount i sent over has gone!
i looked and the transfer it says “ADA intrawallet transaction” .
what does this mean and where has the ada gone.
any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated

I have just experienced the same thing, it’s not a newbie error, I’ve had wallets for 2 years and mine has just disappeared with my total ADA balance!!!

Hoping Yoroi support have a way of recovering.

I hope you get help as well.