Transferring ada from Daedalus wallet to coinabase pro

need help in transferring my ada to coin base pro. haven’t been on in a while. any beginner step by step instructions would be appreciated. also new to me is the sending password in the new wallet. do I need it? if so how do I set that up? all this seemed easier four years ago. thank you for your help!

U must go to coinbase and copy the ada address from the wallet (shluld start with addr1…) then go to daedalus (send section) and paste it to send address

U will need the spending password for daedalus in order to send the funds

!!! First time try with a small amount (10ADA)


Just to add a little more information, the spending password encrypts your seed phrase on the computer. It is required to do any sensitive operations with the funds such as sending them anywhere or changing delegation.

This way, there is a layer that protects your seed phrase electronically so that the spending password would be required to compromise the wallet and e.g. steal the Ada. You could use a password manager to generate strong passwords and keep track of them for you.

If you decide to spend a lot of money investing in Ada I think you should probably look into hardware wallets. If you don’t have one of those and are dealing with significant funds, you should be reasonably certain that the computer you’re using your wallet on is secure and not infected with any viruses etc. A lot of crypto gets stolen that way.

I believe your other questions are answered, you simply need to send the amount desired from your Daedalus wallet to your Coinbase deposit address. Testing with a small quantity first is indeed a good idea.

I don’t remember a spending password when I created the deals wallet four years ago. ill check on my notes. is this new with the upgraded wallets?