TRUST wallet contract call and sent to the ada address i think *liquidated*fml please help

i did a “smart contract” through my trust wallet thru binance pegged ADA i thought i was purchasing a split coin like with tether so i could farm, but i think i accidentally liquidated all of my ada im so lost ive done every step to verify addresses on bsscan and im having no luck, if i accidentally sent my ada and liquidated iy is there any way to get it back? i sent a picture of the success and what it went too if you can help me make sense of it, i scrolled just below the t’hash number incase i need it to get my ada back, plz plz help

this was where the contract call was made and approved and i guess i just sent it. can anyone help me figure out what im looking at, ive tried verifying the addresses every way possible

This has nothing to do with Cardano as you used pegged Ada tokens. You have to contact the support team from Trust wallet.

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