Trying to send WMT from Yoroi

Trying to send my WMT from Yoroi but it wont let me continue to send the takens to an exchange.


What is the error?


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Hi Alex, I cant send my WMT from Yoroi to an exchange yet I can send my ADA which is crazy. My WMT is on my wallet just cant send it

It does not allow me to continue the transaction

Try to re-sync the wallet

Do I need my seed phase for that ???

sorry for my bad manors thank you for helping Alex

You need some amount of ADA in a wallet that has other tokens so you can pay transaction fees when you want to move them.

That said you probably should not be sending WMT or any other minted token to an exchange unless you want to lose them. Many exchanges do not support custom tokens in the wallets they use. Also you should never need your seed phrase for anything other than restoring your wallet after a disaster.

Not sure what you are doing but be careful of scammers out there … don’t give your seed phrase to anyone, ever.

Thanks Dino, here is the thing I have ADA on my Wallet, the exchange I’m sending to does have WMT listed and is a major exchange. I would never give my seed phase to anyone.

No one asked for seed phrase… did u re-synced the wallet from settings? You can also restore the wallet anytime on and try from there (if yoroi has issues to send wmt)

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You never said, at what point exactly there is a problem.

Do you get to this point?

Sometimes, it seems to take a bit to calculate fees.

And if you put in an amount by hand and not select “Send All”, you have to remember how much there were to not put in more than the maximum.

And resyncing doesn’t really work for me at the moment.

As always, when there are problems with Yoroi: You might want to consider using a better light wallet. There is a list at:
Eternl (formerly ccvault) and Typhon are good choices.