Unable to transfer WMT token

I have a bag of WMT in a yoroi wallet but I cannot transfer them. They don’t appear in the wallet dashboard. They are visible when I go to “Send” facility but when I select them the option to continue is unavailable.


You must go to send section, chose wmt assets, enter the receiver address and the amount… u must also have few ADA on wallet for transaction


Thanks but I have all of that. I can transfer ADA to and from. Not WMT.

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Id highly suggest you, to restore your wallet on ccvault (or any other wallet of your choice) and try and send them from there.

I personally stopped using Yoroi for quite a while now, the user experience is not there anymore.

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@Adrian_Gilmore the receiver address should start with addr1…

Managed to get it to work on chrome add on in browser. App is very poor.
Thanks for asking though.