Unable to send CNT tokens from Nami wallet?

I connected my Nami wallet to VyFi dex on 10/05/23. Made a trade ADA for WMT, the WMT amount traded for appeared in my wallet. Tried to immediately send WMT to my Ledger, unable to send, address in send bar is checked as good, but unable to enter number of tokens to send. Message says “asset quantity not set”. First time having this issue, before just entered in quantity, then send icon would appear . Will not accept any amount to send. I have reinstalled my Nami with seed phrase, still unable to send tokens. Anyone know how to fix or have experienced this issue?? Thank you for any guidance.


Restore your wallet on other better wallets (like eternl for example) and stop using NAMI wallet if it has issues.
Download only from official sites/sources.


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