Tutorial videos for futur DReps

  • With the imminent arrival of Voltaire, and the great need for more people on the Sancho testnet.

  • To learn how to master your knowledge of the Command line interface of Cardano, and the protocol parameters that will be necessary for all future DReps of the Cardano governance system.

  • We have created these video tutorials to teach you everything there is to know how to become one and be ready when this feature is available on the mainnet.

  • Here is the link to the YouTube video playlist. (The installation procedure works the same way for node V8.5.0)


How to install a Node for the Sancho Testnet on Cardano from source (This method work as well to compile node V8.5.0)
Part 1

Part 2

How to create your own payment and stake keys using the cardano-cli V8.12.0.0. We are also crafting our stake registration certificate with clear explanations on Sancho Testnet.

Part 1

how to build a transaction to submit our stake certificate. We also create a delegation certificate and submit it on chain the same way.
Part 2

how to create your DRep key pairs and your DRep ID that peaple will use to delegate their voting power to you. You will then learn how to submit your DRep registration certificate on-chain. And finally, you will learn how to delegate your voting power to yourself(as a DRep) and redelegate to another pool in the same Certificate. This time, you will be using the ‘‘transaction built’’ command on-chain which differ from ‘‘transaction built-raw’’.
Part 3


Thanks for creating these video tutorials @Hornan . Looking forward for the next videos. Cheers :beers:

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There will be another one ready in the next 3 hours(its rendering), I will edit this post accordingly. :smiley::+1:

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Learn how to create an update to constitution governance action and how to vote on governance actions
Part 4

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Part 5
Tutorial on how to create a “Protocol Parameters Update” governance action on SanchoNet with the CLI.