Typhoon not sending ADA

I setup a Typhoon Wallet to access my staked ADA but can’t withdraw any ADA to another external address. Does your ADA need to be unstaked before you can withdraw it? When I put in an amount and hit send nothing happens.
I am unable to access the Daedalus Wallet because it won’t synch. I tried over and over to recover the wallet with my Seed Phrase but it still won’t synch in Daedalus. Please any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Hey @Sunshine8855

No your tokens doesnt have to be unstaked before withdrawing.

You can try to restore your wallet on Eternl or adalite.io and try to withdraw your funds there.


Thank you for the suggestion. Is adulate.io a safe wallet to use?

Sorry - Meant adalite.io

Yes, it is… also u can use etrnl wallet

Stay safe and don’t share or connect your wallet on any scams URLs

and also try to unstake the funds first