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Hi All,

My name is Christopher, researcher from UCL in STEM. I’ve decided to start to engage more with the community of Cardano and learn more.

A bit about me, looking to use ADA in applications, background in public health, R&D and neuroscience.

Is there many from London or the UK and do we have regular meet ups, looking to connect.

Kindest regards,



Hi Christopher and welcome to Cardano. There is a great UK community, including in London.

Get yourself on Telegram and join the UK Channel.

Nothing to worry about, just awareness but If you are not used to Telegram, just keep in mind that if anyone private messages you, it is a scam, even if it’s an official looking account, or me for example. It is not me or an official, it is someone impersonating me.

There are no giveaways

You never need to send your ada to anyone, or write your seed words into a website, no matter how official it looks… all scams.

Now put that info safely to the back of your mind, don’t worry about it and come join the very lively community on telegram.

The main official channel is


Welcome to our great community @ChrisMinnis :slight_smile:

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Welcome @ChrisMinnis, I’m in the UK, approx 375 miles round trip to London, great to have you here :vulcan_salute:


Welcome to the community Chris. I’m just north of you :+1:

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Greetings from Wakefield (Leeds way) … with only 6Mb/s :weary: … Very glad were here at this juncture.
All the best everyone. :smiley:


Welcome @ChrisMinni great to see the UK community growing! I also eco Lukes words, come join us all in the UK telegram channel! :cardano: :wave:


Thanks everyone,

Really appreciate the warm welcome, looking forward to a variety of discussions and I’ve now joined telegram :slight_smile:


Welcome @Arrie

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Hi Christopher, thanks for engaging more here, that’s awesome of you to join in. Enjoy your day :smile:

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