Ukraine and Russian language

Здравствуйте уважаемые разработчики блокчейна третьего поколения.Поздравляю всех вас и нас с SHELLEY.
Теперь к делу,очень прошу вас добавить в Deadalus поддержку Украинского и Русского языка также на вашем официальном сайте и на форуме.
Hello dear developers of the third generation blockchain, I congratulate all of you and us on SHELLEY.
Now to the point, I ask you to add support for the Ukrainian and Russian languages ​​to Deadalus also on your official website and forum

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Good point.
I see the rising interest around Cardano in Ukraine.
Even here and on Reddit I’ve connected with several people from different countries, who are based in Ukraine.

And we are planning Cardano meetup at the end of August

Hi Руслан,

I changed the category to a more appropriate one and deleted tags so your post should be seen by more people.

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Well thank you!!!

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