Unable to see STAKE pool name in Nami Wallet

I setup Nami Wallet on Brave Browser with delegation to a stake pool but when opening the Nami Wallet on browser, I cannot find the STAKE Pool name in the wallet view. It is just showing an empty drop down. However, I do see transaction hash in the cardanoscan

Any idea what is the issue here?

You probably want to restore your funds in a other wallet like Typhon or adalite.io since Nami seems to have some issues right now.

Or ccvault.io (compatible with sundae swap dex)


Had the same issues with Nami wallet. Created a ccvault wallet and transferred there. It took one day for the transaction to go through. Nami kept saying mempool full, even for the transfer. Once it was in ccvault staking was very easy. This was very stressful but it worked. I could not stake with Nami because you need to use another website. Ccvault is much easier if you are having issues.

We have to be much clearer on this:

You do not have to create a new wallet in another wallet app and you do not have to transfer to that wallet using the old wallet app that has problems – Nami in this case.

You can use the seed phrase (or connected hardware wallet) to restore/import the same wallet in another wallet app without transfer, without transaction fees, without the old wallet app working at all.

Then why did you wait for me to try and help this guy instead of clearly writing out the instructions. Nami instructions you to create a new wallet and not use Yoroi. Then Nami does not work for 3 days? Please clearly write out your instructions below my response for other people clearly having the same issues. Then write out the instructions for staking with Nami since you cannot do it in app.

I wrote a quite complete guide a few days ago:

Since this Sundae madness started, there are lots and lots of people pouring in with always the same questions or at least similar solutions. @Zyroxa, @Alexd1985 and others do a tremendous job trying to answer them all.

Since the wording in the first answer was “restore”, I did not see the need to add more specifics. Adding them everywhere would be a full-time job.

We are not Emurgo, we are not the Nami support, we cannot change what answers and guidances people get there. We can only change, what we tell people here.

@peterpud the tokens are on blockchain (never on your wallet) secured by private keys (seed words)… u can access the funds with any other wallet (using restore option ) if u use the original seed words

This way you can switch from one wallet to another being necessary to create a new wallet


Thanks guys for the help here. I shifted to Yoroi, which I was using earlier. I switched to Nami thinking staking to Yoroi would not get me SUNDAE rewards. But later got to know that staking with Yoroi would also qualify me for Sundae rewards. Nami is still cranky, better to avoid

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