Restoring Nami wallet, what happen with my staking and marketplace NFTs

Hello support team. I can no longer access my Nami wallet, when I click on the Nami logo in Chrome it no longer opens. Now I want to do a restore. I still have NFTs for sale on, now when I restore the Nami wallet, these NFTs are still connected to my new Nami wallet? Because I also get a new address. The same applies to coins that I have staked at Indigo. I look forward to a positive answer and wish you a happy new year.

No if you restore your wallet, you still have access to all your tokens/nft.

You could also go with another wallet like Typhon (which doesnt only use a single address) and restore your wallet there.

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ok, wow that was a fast answer…great thank you :slight_smile:

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Be safe and don’t share the seedwords with anyone… and report all people who ask for your seedwords, they are scammers pretending to help you


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no, never… i know the rules, just was unsure about nfts and tokens staked or at a marketplace. thx for fast help :slight_smile:

but this happen for me 2 times in 2 years. i create a new account inside nami and after i cant access anymore. when click nami icon is not opening anymore… someone else experienced this also? using chrome

change your wallet, use eternl


If you restore with the same seed phrase you should not get a new address, but exactly the same wallet with the same history, same delegation, same balance again. And would not even notice that you restored in the mean time.

If you added additional accounts, just add them again. They will appear in exactly the same order as before.

Don’t know why exactly your Nami crashes. Low on resources? It’s not a very common problem as far as I can tell.

Personally, I would second the Eternl recommendation. You can choose how many accounts you want on restoring and later change that in the “Account List”.