Unethical trading of ADA on crypto exchanges HUGE Enemy/threat to Cardano's immediate future and it's Investors. Here's how

There are a large cohort of extremely wealthy crytpocurrency traders atm on the exchanges running 24/7 coordinated Pump and Dump attacks on all coins! In order to make easy money to buy coins or their liking. What this does is it destroys the coins they are pumping and dumping by taking money out of the coin. Perhaps even worse is it causes real investors in coins such as Cardano to no longer invest because why should I put money in when every single time put a bunch of money in, the value of my coin immediately nosedives (through pump and dump)


We want to see a natural adoption of Cardano and cryptocurrencies reflected through the steady growth of lines hourly daily monthly and yearly charts on the Cryptoexchanges.

Not this current CIRCUS and promotion of MOONING to insane prices caused my pump and dumpers. Only to crash, destroy innocent people financially and morally. BITCOIN currently has the best hype to run this pump and dump scheme within. And I guarantee you many lives have been ruined financially already over the last week during the Dump. How do I know? I for one fell for this and lost money.

Bitcoin and altcoins are being slowly accepted but NOT at these insane rates, if you understand it, it’s pump and dump scam 101. These bull cycles are just an elaborate pump and dump scheme planned months before and planned yearly. At the end of the Bitcoin pump and dump bull run to the moon, price will return to it’s normal reasonable price, money will be stolen from coin exchanges, innocent people’s lives will be ruined financially and Crypto’s reputation will worsen.

After Bitcoins Pump and Dump scam is over. It’s time to build hype around Altcoins and run it all over again. Stealing people’s money and scaring off REAL people who want to invest in the future of Cryptocurrency!!

I sincerely hope Cardano can figure out a way around this quickly for it’s own sake.
I very much wanted to put a large some behind Cardano’s projects beliefs and values through the Cryptoexchange AU$10k-$20k to be exact. I got caught by the Bitcoin pump and dump, The money I wanted to make from Bitcoins FAKE mooning(pumped)l rise in value I would have taken out of bitcoin and invested back into ADA. Instead the money was stolen.

Next they will promote mooning prices for ADA from $5 $10 $20 in 2021. They have already pumped up ADA’s market price 2x and begun stealing money from ADA investors. I worry about all Altcoins but I worry most about ADA. Money that goes into the faith in ADA should stay in ADA and not feel threatened by pump and dump schemes imbedded within your exchange. I believe in Cardano and many others do as well! but as of this very moment you have a HUGE pest problem on the Cryptoexchanges taking money from ADA investors, out of ADA and scaring investors away.

If money were not involved, I believe Cardano would have more supporters because we would then not be fixated on the attainment of money and be more able to reason which projects are most valuable to get behind. That’s maybe the biggest problem is the world that I wholeheartedly beleve Cardano can fix, that as a culture we ascribe value to money rather than the people and companies providing worthy services. We get lost in the money! Cardano can move us away from money and back nto fundamental values

Here is a more detailed explanation of this pump and dump scam

And how you can see it inside Bitcoins “Bull-run”

Notice the peak of BTC performance is clearly a Pump and Dump. If you think about what’s happening in the graphs before the Main pump and dump, those smaller green elevators to heaven are smaller Pumps with some dumping, they are holding off on pulling the full trigger, trying to build the mountain as high as humanly possible “To the moon” all these scammers promote OUR coin may be climbing to US$70k per coin US$150k per coin TODAY. They keep investors hoping their coin will get to US$70/US$150 through HYPE videos on Youtube and fake chart analysis’. When it gets to US$40k they make the call as a secret group to dump. For some strange reason prices fall like an aeroplane nosediving. It’s actually the pump dumpers deciding this is where they are taking all the profits. They got all the low end prices for bitcoin through early pumping (elevators to heaven - the bases of elevator are pumpers taking low prices and then is continued by the victims buying in at med/high prices through fake news, and fake chart analysis, hype building. Let’s be real it was never going to the moon but the Huge climbing inclines created through Pump/dump scams definitely make it appear to be so.

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I’ll share some thoughts with you. (of which I’m pretty sure you are in the loop)

First one, the “pump and dump” you are talking about thats happening in the crypto world happens aswell in the fiat/stock/etc world. Nothing new there.

Second, how do you expect that it can be solved, by us, when it’s a systemic global problem?

Third, the ones hoping to get millionaire with Cardano, despite they eventually will, miss the entire point of the future of global currencies, so let them get millionaire. Who cares?

Fourth, the misleading info and all that lies, well, again it’s a global problem that you see in every area of the everyday life of any person, so…

My advice? Just ride the tide and don’t get angry/frustrated by how this planet is being governed.


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they could do it somehow.

You made me remember the famous J.F.K. quote, when he says:

“Don’t ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Point being, don’t delegate your own responsability in the process. Act upon it. (if you really want)

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Cardano seem to have a great team of brilliant minds. What’s even more hopeful is that they have the highest values for good that is then reflected through their projects and evolution over the years.

Cardano just need to keep an eye out on these money thieves in the cryptoexchanges that are currently making a mockery of blockchain an it’s visions.

It’s a market… that’s just how it works. If the “rich” sell and dump the price, than it gives the “poor” a chance to buy some at a good entry price. If the rich buy and pump the price, it gives those same poor a chance to sell for profit. If you believe in the long term fundamentals of the project, just buy and hold if you don’t like the volatility, and wait till you are in profit. Sorry if you bought the peak, but it will go well above that price at some point in the future.

In an unregulated market, it’s hard to argue that any trading is “unethical trading” just because someone decides to buy or sell a bunch of the coins.


I agree with XZact, , as a trader my self it took many years to understand the markets and cycles , fundamentals and technicals , entries and exits. You first need to identify are you investing or trading?, what is your objective? , if investing and the project ticks all your boxes ( fundamentals) these would be considered as long term holds, then short term cycles are irrelevant unless you want to get in at good value, I wouldn’t leverage these trades unless you thoroughly understand these products. If trading once again experience and knowledge will guide you to success. Crypto markets are young and tiny and therefore open to pumping and dumping due to whales being able to manipulate them , you can either learn how to trade within this volatility or just invest for a long term hold . as the market is in its infancy approximately 1% adoption, the growth potential in the sector is huge, if you overlay the nasdaq chart to the crypto chart, I believe long term that is where we are heading so do your diligence and don’t allow whales to force your hand .
cheers Milan

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It sounds to me that you have not had a great deal of experience in investing. Decide what course of action you are going to take Either you see the phenomenal future for Cardano and want to be around for the long term or you want to speculate and try to outsmart the market swings. I have been at this game for over 60 years, owned my own NASD B!D and I can flat out tell you most people do not have the emotional stability to be a trader. My approach has worked year in and year out. Pick one to five ponies you want to place bets on. In the cryptospace, due to the extreme volatility do your homework, due thorough due diligence, take your initial position in your favorite choices and then allocate no more than 20% in any one position, then dollar cost average either monthly or by adding to each position on all 15-20% dips. I did this with BTC starting at 860.00 all the way down to 400.00 unroll I owned one BTC @ 632.00 I did the same thing with ETC starting at 6.75. By investing in this manner you will not be shaken out thinking that the market is rigged. That is total b.s. It is a free market, one buyer for every seller. Each coin is finite. I have other holdings now but I am considerably weighted in Cardano. I can see the day where ADA will trade in the &100’s per coin in 5-10 years. Make the sharp declines work for you and not against you. You have the opportunity of a lifetime, don’t blow it. Buy more on each 15-20% dip and be patient. Hige moves take time to develop. Cardano is the future platform for the crypto blockchain universe. Relax, you’ll live to be a rich old man like me.


Oh Captain, my Captain!

Thanks for the insight. This system needs people like you backing it up!

Sure we will!

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Thank you for your comment. We are backing, imop, what will prove to be one of the most significant cryptos in the space. With patience we will be richly rewarded. Go Cardano!!!


Well said Captain, Ive been buying cardano for almost 3 years now, following closely the progress being made, I too agree with you that it is one of the most promising opportunities of our lifetime, so this is a long term hold for me as well, I was expecting a $30/ coin within your time line , so I am very pleased to read that your expectations are far greater than mine , either way looks like I’ll be joining you on the rich old man list , lol
cheers Milan

IMO Cardano, and blockchain in general, will lead you to that, won’t be it itself.

Times are changing faster than the central banks can print fiat. When they finally are forced, unwillingly (just watch the trashtalk lagarde has to say about crypto, in spite of the WEF started already the promotion of a “cashless” society; the good old “divide and conquer”), to stop with that nonsense, the opportunities of a thousand lifetimes will reveal themselves!


Nice to touch base with a brother in the Cardano universe and with a shared perspective for it’s future. I don’t believe we can even fathom it’s potential. Imagine the run from fiats when just one nation’s currency collapses let alone several. All that aside, the Cardano team is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most brilliant brain trusts and a forum to unleash creativity beyond the beyonds. Hang tight and buy more as you can afford to, keeping in mind the crypto space’s volatility. In the long run it shakes out the weak and fortifies the strong. Remain safe and optimistic my friend, as the future is bright in spite of world conditions.


hi jpsrrv, I agree with you completely , block chain is the furture, and I hope central banks print even more money quicker than times change, better for all of us, as far as Lagarde is concerned she is helping our cause big time( outside of her crypto trash talk), a couple of weeks ago if my memory serves me correctly , she pleaded with central bankers to “print more stimulus and if you think you printed enough then print even more” when I read this I went and bought even more crypto, lol, because this snowball is about to become an avalanche and the big boys are just starting to position themselves and my snowboard is already ready
cheers Milan

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that’s it Captain, brothers in arms , I read what happened to Tanzania a couple decades ago when you needed a bigger bag of cash than you needed a bag for bread, Venezuela another
recent example, where inflation hit 2000000% pa they have brought it back to a more manageable level now just under 10000% lol, there are already 19 countries over 10% inflation and counting , as more stimulus is injected people will be running to crypto .and I do agree with you , for me Cardano seems to have the best team in the industry and most importantly they are not rushing the project to market, they are testing and measuring to make sure the systems are fool proof, market share will come when people realise the quality of the project, and yes I am buying the dips when more funds become available, we’ll need to celebrate with drink when it hits a $100, my shout of course
cheers Milan

It’s a double-edge sword.

For the ones in the right loop, the more the better, for the ones who aren’t, well, they gonna have a very hard time. When their thousands only buy a few coins, how will they survive? Don’t forget thats the exact problem of assets like gold. They are so much centralized and are so expensive that it’s impractical for the common person to go and buy some!

Thats when I want to see how we, who are part of the environment already, will react. The first thing I want to do in this blockchain ASAP is micro-loans, with the least amount of interest aggregated. And possibly using other less valuable tokens as collateral. Point being, we must share.

“When you have more than enough, build a longer table. Not a higher fence.”

Pleasure talking to both of you! Cheers!

You are right jpsrrv, it is a double edged sword, the ill informed will be least prepared and most burdened by the catastrophes caused by central bankers and it will be dire situation for the masses. Needless to say I have been trying to educate people within my circle what is going on and the long term ramifications of of this endless money printing and credit supply, but believe it or not most people think I’m mad and they still choose to be ignorant, head in the sand , won’t happen here, etc, etc, etc. I have no control over the central bankers, and I can’t force people to act, but I do have control over my thoughts and actions which is why we are here, We have the foresight and we took action and we shouldn’t feel any guilt if we are rewarded. How we choose to share in our successes is our personal choice . once again all we can do at present is to try and educate as many people as possible of the potentially disastrous economic situation looming and the opportunity of taking a hedge against Fiat, and I commend you on your micro loans idea, and you could do it through pooling interest via Cardano, Hmmm food for thought, lol, and I agree a bigger table is always more cheerful, you’ll have to join Captain and I for a drink when it hits $100and who knows what postion we will be in to make a change, thanks again
cheers milan

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Exaclty! And yes, we will. My pleasure!

I’ll leave here the titles of some docs for the most obstinated, in case you go out of words!

Collapse - System error - End of the road: how money became worthless - The corporation - inside job - the panama papers - Requiem for the American Dream - capital: in the twenty-first century - the china hustle - enron: the smartest guys in the room

On the reverse side of the coin, guess what, only one - a new economy.

On the economics topic these are the best, full/medium mainstream that I’ve watched. None of the so-called “conspiracy theories”, just hard to accept facts, for the ones that dulled.

I can tell you via pm/e-mail how to watch them.


speaking of unethical trading… on this pump from .44 to 48 I thought I’d put a stop loss on the small amount I had bought recently and left in binance earn. (most of my stack is in deadalus) I clicked the redeem button… and… nothing. Seems to be locked up somewhere, I assume it’s just a binance delay due to high volume or some stupid reason… but it’s annoying not having access to your coins when you actually need to. I tested it previously and always received the coins instantly, but not when the pice is pumping? Daedalus coin swap exchange soon? let’s end these centralized exchanges for good shall we? (ps, I’ve been buying at .44, fill yer bags. I don’t mind hodling)

I payed an average of 9,836 cents on € for the ammount I have, and I’m not looking to buy more. Enough is enough! I’m looking at other projects, i.e. singularityNET.