Unknown entry in my Daedalus wallet

I am delegating ADA in my Daedalus wallet. Recently a box appeared on my Daedalus wallet Summary Page. Above the box was a label titled “Tokens (1)”. In the box was an address beginning with “asset1pmm…”. Below that was the number 10,000. To the right of the address and the number was a clickable icon labelled “Send”. Out of curiosity I clicked on the icon and was asked for a Receiver’s address. There was another box labelled “Estimated Fees.” The amount in the box indicated 0.0000000 ADA. There was a greyed out Send icon waiting, I assume, for me to enter an address. Since I have no idea what any of this means, I couldn’t/didn’t input an address.

Can someone explain what this is and why it appeared in my Daedalus wallet? What does the number 10,000 represent? What is an address starting with “asset1pmm…” represent? What address, if any, should I use to complete the Send function? How can I remove this box short of sending 10,000 something to somewhere?

Any help would be appreciated.