Unregister a pool and moving ADA

I have an account at Yoroi that was delegated to RISO from sundaeswap.
For some reasons I want to migrate the ADA from this account to 3 accounts in ccvault. How should I proceed?
I see that if I unregister I may lose future rewards.

Message I see on yoroi: “You should NOT deregister if this staking key is used as a stake pool’s reward account, as this will cause all pool operator rewards to be sent back to the reserved. Deregistering means this key will no longer receive rewards until you re-register the staking key (usually by delegating to a pool again)”.

Should I deregister move almost all ADA (minus 10 ADA) and re-delegate to some pool?

First: You do know that you can just import/restore the same wallet in ccvault without moving any funds, don’t you? That way you could use the Yoroi wallet as one of the three wallets in ccvault and would not need to deregister at all.

If you want to deregister, anyway: Do not deregister, but only move the funds except for 2 ADA or something in that range away.

The last rewards for the high balance will come at the third epoch boundary from that moment. After that you can deregister and withdraw and move everything to the other wallet.

(If your rewards are very high, you might want to take even the rewards for the rewards and wait another three epoch boundaries before deregistering.)

hi, i havent used ccvault yet and maybe i am thinking to simple but can you not just restore your wallet with seed phrase at ccvault and then create additional once?

by this, you would not need to de-register anything, because nothing changed except your managing wallet. your funds would have still be staked.

Regards, obi

Thanks for the answers.

I don’t want to restore YOROI account for security reasons.

I will follow @HeptaSean suggestion.