Update cardano-cli on air gapped machine

I found cardano-cli v.1.30 bin file from my producer server and copy and replace it instead v1.27 in my ubuntu air-gapped offline machine ./cardano-my-node folder.
But still I see cardano-cli version in air-gapped machine is v 1.27:

cardano-cli version
cardano-cli 1.27
Now what to I do for Update and execute cardano-cli to new-version?

This is more a SPO question than developer one.

Seems like you may need to update your PATH variable if it’s still pointing to the previous binary version. Dropping a new CLI on top of an old node may not work. I would use a thumb drive to “sneaker net” your cardano-node and cardano-cli with all dependencies over to ~/.local/bin and ~/.local/lib respectively.

@Alexd1985 do you have time to help?

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Thanks dear
I copied cardano-cli to ~/.local/bin and solved my problem.

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