Use of script is deprecated this script is no longer going to be maintained

for cntools setup
Use of script is deprecated this script is no longer going to be maintained. Please consider use new script as documented !


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STEP 1 - download and run the script

cd "$HOME/tmp"
curl -sS -o
chmod 700
./ -s f -b master

*Please edit scripts/env, scripts/, scripts/, scripts/, scripts/, scripts/ and scripts/ (alongwith files/topology.json, files/config.json, files/dbsync.json) as required!

STEP 2 - source your bashrc file

source "${HOME}"/.bashrc
echo "${PATH}"

STEP 3 - mv all binaris files from /.cabal/bin to /.local/bin

Ideally, you should shutdown services (eg: cnode, cnode-dbsync, etc) prior to running the below to ensure they run from new location (you can also re-deploy them if you haven’t done so in a while, eg: ./ -d )

sudo systemctl stop cnode
mv -t "${HOME}"/.local/bin/ "${HOME}"/.cabal/bin/* "${HOME}"/.cargo/* "${HOME}"/bin/*

the bin files should be located now inside “${HOME}”/.local/bin/

cd "${HOME}"/.local/bin/
ls -l

STEP 4 - edit the env, topology updater for Relays and topology file for BP, config.json (tracemempool), etc (the old files were replaced at STEP 1 and need to be re-edited) and re/start the node

sudo systemctl start cnode
sudo systemctl status cnode

Hello Alex,
Question. I did all what you suggested. I can start the relay and Its syncing. But when i do “cardano-cli version” I get this error “cardano-cli: command not found”. Would you happen to know why?
Thank you.


what your echo $PATH telling

It’s following.

Check inside the bashrc file if u have another path set

nano "${HOME}/.bashrc"

and check the last lines

Here are last few lines.
export CNODE_HOME=/opt/cardano/cnode

[ -f “/home/pro/.ghcup/env” ] && source “/home/pro/.ghcup/env” # ghcup-envexport LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

[ -f “/home/pro/.ghcup/env” ] && source “/home/pro/.ghcup/env” # ghcup-envexport PATH=“${HOME}/.local/bin:${PATH}”

ok and if you type which cardano-cli

This is what i get.

and if you type cardano-cli --version

Hummm Thats crazy.
In the guide it says,
cardano-cli version
And that returns command not found.
Bud when i do what you suggested cardano-cli --version i get following.

cardano-cli 1.35.5 - linux-x86_64 - ghc-8.10
git rev 8762a10efe3f9f97939e3cb05edaf04250456702

So i guess every thing is ok, I just need to add – before version?

exactly, everything is fine. you have the right version :smiley:

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Thank you my friend.

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Hey, Alex I have done all the steps for the upgrade and I keep seeing this message.

cncli: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory CNCLI current version () different from repo (v5.2.0), consider upgrading!. press any key to proceed …

I do not see that cncli is deployed all the way my sendtip and leaderlog don’t seem to be working. Can you help me check setting?


Update cncli

cd ~/tmp
./ -c

same message


go to scripts folder and try to start it manually

./ leaderlog

what is the message?

When I try to sync manually