[[User generated/signed ADA-notes (paper or pin-access encrypted image-files) contracts]]

Hi, I had made this post under the Cardano Foundation fb-group and was advised to post this here. :slight_smile:


“Perhaps Cardano can introduce ADA-notes contract on top, where an ADA-notes can be generate with a fix value in it (isolated from the mainwallet), which another wallet can sweep to reclaim from that particular address via a contract. The main wallet would still have assess to the funds assigned to the ADA-note contracts (until spent), but if those notes were stolen, only the funds injected into them will be lost. This way, people can bring ADA-notes around to pay for stuff w/o having to risk compromising security to their main wallet “stash”, and/or to limit losses when being crypto-mugged? Each ADA-notes contracts can be prepared and printed at home or at a safe location, and can also exists as encrypted image files that can be encrypted with an user set 4/6/8/12-digit-pin.”

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