What are the best resources for newbie in ADA related to techy stuff?



I’m just wondering where can I get source code of ADA coin? I’m looking for some technical aspects of implementation and probably 'd like to contribute to your OpenSource repositories.

Also, I have a question. Does exist any website like bitaddress.org for Cardano? I can create one, and I love idea of paper wallets, and would love to have one for Cardano.

Thanks for response.

I’m newbie here, please don’t kick me )))


@vladignatyev to check out the source code go on IOHK’s github

For the paper wallet you can just create one yourself by going on the Daedalus wallet and save ur address’s QR code, but I don’t think it’s available for the private key.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I meant an easy to use app/site where one can generate random private key (or mnemonic phrase according to BIP39) and save address along with private key, just one like myetherwallet, moneroaddress or similar for other cryptocurrencies. If it doesn’t exist yet, I will try to make one myself :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing out IOHK’s repo! Do I properly understand that ADA built using Haskell?


Also, would like to know, does exist a public issue tracker for all this stuff and wiki?


Visit the official cardanohub.org