Using pingNodes to check connections to other relayNodes/coreNodes

Just a short reminder, you can use the little script i made for the ITN also for the HTN to check your connections to the other peers or see incoming connections into your coreNode from your external relayNodes.

I also have a not public released version that is doing an automated geo-ip lookup on the summary, i can post a link here for the Pioneers if you wanna use it.

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Very useful. Im interested :slight_smile:

EDITED: please request the file if you want it, taken down currently for public usage, thx!

Please read the description within the script and set your parameters.

If you wanna just check the connection of a program (node) with listenaddress 3001 run it like:
./ 3001 out #to see all unique outgoing connections
./ 3001 in #to see all unique incoming connections

The script will to a ping test, and also a tcptraceroute to each connections, at the end you’ll get a summary like this one:

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thanks a bunch @ATADA :slight_smile:

your pingnode script helped me tune my ITN pool (after some lost battles) and I’m sure it will be great for the HTN too.