[VENUS] Fresco Pool Introduction

Hello everyone,

We made a video introduction about us and our new stake pool. We received a lot of support through the process of getting it up and running and are thankful to everyone. Our pool is zero fees and we hope you will consider creating blocks with us! :slight_smile:

[VENUS] Fresco Pool Introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofd1e0looTk


Hell yeah :slight_smile:
No blocks missed!

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Fresco! Finally someone representing the Venus project. This is a pool I can definitely get behind philosophically.

Good luck in making this a legendary pool! :sunglasses:


Thank you Katsumoto!

The reason we love Cardano is because the projects like The Venus project are finally possible (ish :smiley:)

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Agreed! :wink: It’s a first great step to making it possible and work towards ways that will further help this. Very good. Will be interesting to see how your pool develops over time. :slight_smile: Cheers.

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Congrats guys and good luck! Another Fresco and also Zeitgeist Movement fan here! :clap:


We are just wandering, is Charles still retweeting stake pool videos or thats not a thing anymore?

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I think he still does… Just tag him in the Tweet and see what happens. :slight_smile:

I tried that, maybe even too much :stuck_out_tongue: (spammed the poor dude around 3 times) but nothing…
maybe he doesnt like Jacque Fresco…

Nice! I’m def going to stake some to you gys!

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We are very glad to hear that! :blush:

I am a great fan of The Venus Project for about 6 years, also I’m a fan of Cardano, and the possible marriage between the two sounds very promising!

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Quick update, Fresco pool just got its first block :slight_smile:
It feels like Christmas!
Again thank everyone for your support.
@Basio Feel free to delegate your ADA to our pool if you would like to support our pool,

4 days in a row with 0 rewards… Whats up Fresco pool?