Very interesting sentiemnt chart: Cardano vs Bitcoin


Would ask why do you think Cardano sentiment moves differently than bicoin? I appreciate any opinion.

I don’t know but I would guess that you could compare any two currencies and see that they don’t move together.

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Because they are entirely different products for one?

Bitcoin has 0 “long long term” value.
Cardano has maybe even “unknowable high” 'long long term’s value.

Right now their market movements can’t really be rationally analyzed because so few people are really "understanding* blockchains, and their market moves correlation is based on so many nonsense linking variables.

If you take “crypto market cap” as being the sum credence of the world in blockchains, you can quickly see , the asset allocation within the new market space is not logically coherent with regards to reality. The crypto exchanges are a VERY imperfect market

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