Video: Is Your Stake Helping, or Hurting Cardano? (Filipino, English - mixed)

Some ADA holders in the Philippines right now are hurting Cardano with the way they stake. Make sure your stake really helps secure the network instead of pushing it towards centralization which is bad for the network.

The way you stake your ADA at this early stage, can directly impact the long-term viability of the Cardano network. Stake like you want the value of your ADA to grow in the long term.

Stake for decentralization! :fist::fist::fist:


True talk from the Philippine community. Thanks for making this video nimrod.

Hey Eystein… thanks also for dropping by. I checked your profile and you don’t seem Filipino :grin: so I’m not sure you’ll get my whole message in the video. But I’m sure you’ve been following this same issue and you probably feel the same as many of us small SPOs.

No just married to one 12 years and counting and learned bits and pieces of the language :slight_smile: And I think I get the general idea of delegating not only to a few pools so that we have only a centralized system… Its the same type of discussions in all the Cardano communities really.

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dear @nimrod - the issue of ethnic/national supportive staking, and the potential solution of user-generated community staking portfolios (disclosure: I’m the author of that CIP) in favour of overall decentralisation, has come up in another forum thread:

Thanks! I’ll be digging into this…