[Vietnamese] 30 second Questionnaire Result for Catalyst Improvement (FUND 8) by Eastern Hemisphere Town Hall

The survey was conducted by the Eastern Townhall for the Vietnamese community after Fund8 finished and there were 22 answers so far. Although the number of answers does not highly represent the community, it does show some ideas and suggestions where we can slowly learn the community’s attitude toward Catalyst.

Link survey: https://forms.gle/8ywkvFAzbgrFet6NA

Cuộc khảo sát được thực hiện bởi Eastern Townhall cho cộng đồng Việt Nam sau khi Fund8 kết thúc, có 22 câu trả lời được thu thập và dù số lượng câu trả lời chưa nhiều và chưa mang tính đại diện cho cộng đồng Việt Nam nhưng đây cũng cho thấy được sự phát triển của cộng đồng người Việt Nam qua các fund.

[Required answer 1/3] Please select one answer that best describes your participation in Catalyst FUND8.

  1. I do not know Catalyst. (0%)
  2. I did not register to vote because I thought the ADA could be lost (actually not) (0%)
  3. I did not register to vote because I thought it would be too much work. (4,5%)
  4. I did not register to vote because the rewards are too small. (9,1%)
  5. Could not register to vote because of a bug/my mistake. (4,5%)
  6. Registered to vote but did not vote because it seemed like a hassle. (4,5%)
  7. Registered to vote but could not vote due to a bug/my mistake. (13,6%)
  8. Voted for random proposal(s) that caught my eye without examining the contents. (4,5%)
  9. Voted for random proposal (s) based on my own criteria after examining the contents. (13,6%)
  10. Voted mainly for a high-scoring proposal(s) without examining the contents. (4,5%)
  11. Voted mainly for recommended proposal(s) without examining the contents. (0%)
  12. Voted mainly for my country-related proposal(s) without examining the contents. (4,5%)
  13. Voted mainly for high-scoring proposal(s) after examining the contents. (27,3%)
  14. Voted mainly for recommended proposal(s) after examining the contents. (4,5%)
  15. Voted mainly for my country-related proposal(s) after examining the contents. (4,5%)
  16. Do not have enough minumum ADA required (0%)

[Required answer 2/3] How many proposals did you vote on? As many as you can remember. (Regardless of whether you voted for or against.)

[Required answer 3/3] Please check the appropriate option(s) for any improvements or requests you think Catalyst (including PA and vPA) should make (multiple answers are acceptable). If there is no applicable option, please fill in the “Other” column.

  1. Please make it easier to register as a voter. (31,8%) 7 votes
  2. Please make the user interface to assess proposal(s) easier. (40,9%) 9 votes
  3. I would like the voting app to be available in my language. (40,9%) 9 votes
  4. Improve the usability of the voting app. (13,6%) 3 votes
  5. Allow voting within Yoroi or Deadalus. (59,1%) 13 votes
  6. Increase the reward for voting. (63,6%) 14 votes
  7. I would like to be able to delegate my vote to someone I trust. (54,5%) 9 votes
  8. Difficult to investigate the quality of proposal(s). (40,9%) 14 votes
  9. Difficult to monitor proposal(s) after funding. (31,8%) 12 votes
  10. Difficult to participate being a PA/vPA due to language barriers. (18,2%) 9 votes
  11. Need one authoritative source of information for everything Catalyst. (31,8%) 7 votes
  12. Need mentorship to help write a proposal(s). (18,2%) 4 votes


  • the idea display interface is overloaded when there are too many ideas and have to reload from the beginning, I suggest displaying the number of pages, 20 suggestions each (4,5%) 1vote
  • Catalyst should use another platform to organize Funds instead of IdeaScale because I find IdeaScale has some problems as follows: One is that the working process of the parties is being separated into many places, in which proposer and PA then working on IdeaScale, vPA working on Google Sheet file and voting on another mobile application. Thus, it will be difficult for users to participate in Catalyst as well as difficult for IOG to aggregate data. Second, IdeaScale’s server is unstable, sometimes it has to be maintained, leading to users not being able to access catalyst. Third, the search proposal features on IdeaScale are also not optimized. Fourth, IdeaScale does not have a KYC feature, leading to a PA that can create multiple accounts and pretend to be multiple PAs to cheat for profit. Fifth is that PA can’t review the reviews I’ve written on IdeaScale (4,5%) 1 vote
  • Increase the Voter’s reward (4,5%) 1 vote

[Optional (1)] Any requests for the Cardano Foundation/Emurgo/IOG(IOHK)/Cardano Ambassadors/Eastern Hemisphere Town Hall?

  • Burn ada
  • Provide operating budget for Eastern Townhall
  • More sponsor for East Asia community
  • I hope Emurgo can make their courses free to support developers participating in the Cardano ecosystem.
  • At the same time, I also want Catalyst to be transparent about the prize money of each review. Currently, Catalyst only provides information on how much each PA is rewarded in a fund, but it is not clear how much each PA’s evaluation is rewarded.
  • There are rewards/penalties for voting. Wrong votes are penalized, right votes are rewarded

[Optional (2)] Please tell us where you live (to help us determine where to hold the meetups, etc.).

[Optional (4)] Catalyst has a compensated role that involves assessing proposals called Proposal Assessor. How was your Proposal Assessor involvement in FUND 8 and what do feel can be improve on?

  1. Did not know it existed. (0%)
  2. Did not participate due to not fully understanding it. (15%)
  3. Interested in participating but did not due to various reasons. (15%)
  4. Tried to participate for FUND 8 but declined due to being overwhelmed. (0%)
  5. I evaluated as Proposal Assessor for FUND 8. (45%)
  6. I have been a Proposal Assessor in past FUNDs. (20%)
  7. Others:
  8. I evaluated as Proposal Assessor for FUND 9 (5%)

[Optional(5)] Please provide your age (to help us determine how to better communicate Catalyst information)

  1. 19 and under
  2. 20s
  3. 30s
  4. 40s
  5. 50s
  6. Over 50s

[Optional(6)] How do you know about Project Catalyst?

  1. Through Town Halls (Latam, Eastern Town Hall, Pacific Town Hall, etc.) (18,2%)
  2. Official Cardano websites (IOG, CF, EMURGO) (27,3%)
  3. Community-made websites (13,6%)
  4. Engagement platforms (Telegram, Reddit, Discord) (31,8%)
  5. Social media platforms (Twitter, YouTube, IG, FB) (31,8%)
  6. Cardano Summit (18,2%)
  7. Social circle (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) (31,8%)

[Optional(7)] What do you think about dRep? Please choose all that you feel.

  1. I do not know what dRep is. (28,6%)
  2. I have run/will run for dRep. (28,6%)
  3. I intend to delegate but still do not know how and where. (14,3%)
  4. I intend to delegate so that my Catalyst compensation is maximized. (9,5%)
  5. I intend to delegate to a dRep that has a policy that I can relate to. (19%)
  6. I will not delegate my right to vote and prefer to directly vote myself. (9,5%)
  7. I am interested in delegating but do not know how so I am not participating. (9,5%)
  8. I am against dRep because it leads to centralization. (19%)
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