CatalystFUND8 Japan Community Survey Results🎉

Voting Behavior Summary

Policy of voted carefully
Policy of voted carelessly
not-voted - voted
_Japan-related proposals are 20 times more likely to be voted for than non-Japan-related proposals
About the age
About Advisors

Request to Catalyst
Make it easier to register as a voter. 41
Please make the voting app available in Japanese. 93
Improve the usability of the voting app. 43
Please make it possible to complete voting from within Yoroi or Deadalus. 54
Please increase the reward for voting (*Currently, 10,000 ADA votes = +4 cards [just a guideline]) 38
I want to be able to delegate my vote to someone I trust. 36
Others include
I would like to be able to do the voting application on my PC.
I’d like to see the middle man removed and left to market forces as much as possible.
I want to read foreign proposals in Japanese.
I want Catalyst reward deposits to be displayed in my wallet.