CatalystFUND10 Japan Survey🎉

I’m pleasure to be of some help!
I think it will be a completely different game if DRep starts, but please check.
Pay special attention to age groups. More than half are over 50 years old.
It can also be seen that there is a strong tendency to vote for Japan’s proposals.

Feature requests
Easier voter registration 43%
Japanese support for the app 67%
Improved app UI 50%
Voting process completed in a single app 46%
more voting rewards 37%
DREP introduction 30%
Other opinions
Opinion that voter registration-related bugs should be reduced and simplified.
Opinions that the content of the proposals is simply too difficult and should be made easier to understand, and that there are too many proposals.

Catalyst FUND10のアンケートご協力ありがとうございました!