I took a questionnaire about the participation of Japanese ADA holder FUND5!
Total number of Questionnaire respondents 342
Why didn’t you vote?
Didn’t vote-Don’t know it 24 7.02%
Didn’t vote-Don’t understand it 82 23.98%
Didn’t vote-Afraid that ADA will disappear 8 2.34%
Didn’t vote-reward is low 9 2.63%
Didn’t vote-the work seems to be troublesome 41 11.99%
Didn’t vote-due to a bug. 5 1.46%
Didn’t vote-I couldn’t because of my own mistake(e.g:The Daedalus synchronization time was not in time. I forgot CAST.) 28 8.19%
Didn’t vote-afraid to vote for Scam 13 3.80%
Voted -but randamly-I just wanted a voting reward, so I voted for one randomly without thinking about anything. 41 11.99%
Voted -Think about which one is better 95 27.78%
The biggest problem of Catalyst, which the Japanese community thinks🔥
Japanese support. 156 45.61%
the ease with which you can set up multiple votes. 61 17.84%
to be able to see the voting results. 53 15.50%
to be able to complete the vote within Yoroi and Deadalus. 64 18.71%
the idea scale and app operability. 17 4.97%
the rewards are too low. 5 1.46%
Delegation of voting rights to experts 18 5.26%
Other opinions and impressions
Wallet could not be updated 6
The name Catalyst is hard to understand 15
forgot 7
I don’t understand at all because it’s not in Japanese. 25
I want you to apply a fraud filter 5
I wasn’t disappointed because I didn’t get paid in Fund4 1
I want to delegate voting rights to a pool operator 7
I didn’t understand the meaning because it was in English, so I voted randomly. 16
It would be nice to have an advisor qualify for the project first (not only with rankings, but also with low rankings) 13
It’s hard to have only English 2
Those who referred to my Japanese summary translation article 56