I took a questionnaire about the participation of Japanese ADA holder FUND4!

Total number of Questionnaire respondents 241


Didn’t vote-Don’t know it 8 3.32%

Didn’t vote-Don’t understand it 41 17.01%

Didn’t vote-Hardware wallet support 9 3.73%

Didn’t vote-Afraid that ADA will disappear 1 0.41%

Didn’t vote-reward is low 4 1.66%

Didn’t vote-the work seems to be troublesome 19 7.88%

Didn’t vote-due to a bug. 9 3.73%

Didn’t vote-I couldn’t because of my own mistake(e.g:The Daedalus synchronization time was not in time. I forgot CAST.) 17 7.05%

Didn’t vote-afraid to vote for Scam 9 3.73%

Voted -but randamly-I just wanted a voting reward, so I voted for one randomly without thinking about anything. 39 16.18%

Voted -Think about which one is better 84 34.85%

The biggest problem of Catalyst, which the Japanese community thinks🔥

Japanese support. 125 51.87%

the ease with which you can set up multiple votes. 46 19.09%

to be able to see the voting results. 34 14.11%

to be able to complete the vote within Yoroi and Deadalus. 47 19.50%

the idea scale and app operability. 18 7.47%

the rewards are too low. 37 15.35%

Consistent proposal number 3 1.24%

※Those who referred to my Japanese summary translation article 69 28.63%