Wallet sending error

Keep getting this error for about the last week when I try to send a transaction can still receive tho have recovered the wallet a again and still having the same issue anyone have any idea what’s wrong? Sorry if I put this in the wrong place too wasn’t sure where I should ask. Thanks :pray:

Hi @Get3oke,

First check if you have the newest release of yoroi mobile.
Could be syncing issue on their side.

If this doesnt help.
Try recovering your wallet using adalite.io
You will need a desktop, a browser and your recovery phrase.

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Thanks still didn’t work. do you think it could be the amount in my wallet being below the catalyst voting amount after the transaction

That didn’t work tried putting more in and it still won’t work adalite not working either says transaction output is too big

What didnt work? Where you able to recover you wallet in adalite? How did you recover your wallet? Used your recovery phrase? Do you use a hardware wallet? Did you see your balance and past transactions?