Wallets disappeared upon updating Daedalus

Upon updating Daedalus to 4.3.1, my wallets disappeared. I tried restoring but was met with error messages. I was able to get past this by deleting the state directory content as advised by IOHK and was able to restore my wallets with my key phrases. I then updated my wallets with the key phrases and upon syncing several hours later, they are empty with no transaction history. I only had 2 wallets and thus only two key phrases. The Cardano explorer does show that my crypto is still at the address I sent it to, but for some reason I cannot access it. This is frustrating because only days ago I was able to check my wallets and see my balances, and it seems the only thing that caused this problem was the update to Daedalus.

Can I get some further help? Is my ADA gone?

Nope, u can try to uninnstall the daedalus, reinstall again and restore the wallets

This did not work