Warren Buffet's Businesswire website just gave Cardano a massive free advertising plug through their report

This is a massive free advertising for Cardano, because Businesswire is owned by Berkshire Hathaway a company owned by the ‘ORACLE OF OMAHA’ fame, none other than, Warren Buffet, the World’s richest and most successful Investor! It will have millions of global registered top tier richest investor readership who read this website daily. So, Cardano has just achieved a massive free advertising to the world’s richest and most savvy investors.
Now they will be asking themselves, who or what is Cardano? Why have they not heard about it? If this Billion dollar fund is prepared to go against the current trends and actually decides to divest in Bitcoin and invest in Cardano, then there must be something in this…so it is a big deal!..Some will be asking their Investment advisers to research Cardano and some will publish reports in the not to distant future to generate new Business for them.

Read article here: Global Crypto Investment Fund FD7 Ventures to Sell $750M USD Worth of Bitcoin to Increase Cardano and Polkadot Holdings | Business Wire

Look at their readership reach below: