Hello from a CEO of a 200 Person Software Company in California

I am a big time Cardano advocate and large-scale investor in the ADA token. I run a Facebook Group for those interested in learning about ADA staking.

I’m here to be part of this world changing movement. In Charles I trust.


Hello and welcome

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Hi Tyson :slight_smile:

Hi Tyson,

Welcome :pray:

Which Facebook group?

Will have a look :slight_smile:



Not here to promote, but you can check our community out here https://www.facebook.com/groups/adastakepool/

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Welcome to the forum and best wishes on your education page! Cardano surely needs more education out there and its good to see people take the initiative to share what they know with a broad audience.

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Welcome Tyson

Hi.Nice to hear about people believing and supporting Ada.Cardano is my biggest bet in crypto.

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Hello and Welcome to the forum and great to know you are a part of this fine community! i too share your sentiments, regarding Cardano

Sir Charles is a formidable opponent, good thing we are on his team :slight_smile:

All the Best!


Benvenuto Tyson !

Hi Tyson!

Welcome to the Cardano Forum! :wave: