Introducing Ron Record from Santa Cruz, California

Hi, I’m Ron Record, new to this forum. I am a long term ADA investor and I am studying to become a Cardano blockchain developer. My professional background is primarily as a Unix/Linux operating system developer. I worked for over a quarter century on Unix and Linux operating system distributions. More recently I worked for 5 years at VMware and currently I am the Principal Engineer at Eloquent Cloud, automating deployment of Cloud infrastructure and applications.

I first became a serious ADA investor when I had a beer with an old friend I had not seen in a while and he told me about the stake pool he runs, Squid Pool.
Shawn ( @shawnim ) is a really great guy, very smart, and I wanted to support his effort so I converted all the ETH I had mined to ADA and staked all my ADA with him. It’s really paid off!

My immediate goal here is to become familiar with the Plutus Platform smart contract development and use cases.

My LinkedIn profile is


Welcome friend is a pleasure have people with your knowledge in this community =)

Welcome to the community. :hugs:

Thanks for the kind words Ron! Appreciate your support and excited that you are getting more involved in the community!

Welcome Ron, great to have you here!

Hello and wellcome,

Check the new devs portal where u can find all informations u need


More info here Plutus

Did you have a fix on this issue? I am facing the same issue but no response from anyone