Introducing ADA4PROFIT [A4PEU] and [A4PUS]

Hello everyone my name is Ron and i am the stake pool operator of ADA4PROFIT, i am running this ADA4PROFIT operation together with my co-owner John. We have our own youtube channel in which we are educating people about Cardano, the link you can find on our website.

  • A4PEU / 350K / 340 / 4.25%

  • A4PUS / 100K / 340 / 4.25%

  • Website:

  • Contact:

  • Pool id: 765e6963038b3152067bb8a08707d0306045f0ed5b1f02641b58fff6 [A4PEU]

  • Pool id: df294c4b393692b505810f06bd2909a70d837b5eb2ec196b5a2eae13 [A4PUS]

  • Location: The Netherlands, Deventer

  • Pool infrastructure: Bare metal AMD Ryzen Hexcore, Linux, 64Gb Memory, 1Tb NVME SSD, 1Gb/s port and 1Gb/s guaranteed bandwith

  • Pool redundancy: 6 public relay nodes and 2 hidden relay nodes in different data centers, offline ledger backups, backup machines available for pool nodes, docker images available for download via local registry

  • Operator experience: Over 25 years experience with enterprise software solutions, profound knowledge of linux. Multiple entrepreneur, running my own software company in the field of machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain next to being co-founder of other software companies.

  • Why should users check out your pool: Check out the 10 reasons why blog on our website.

  • ADA holders and delegators can contact us directly, we are open and transparent, we love to know our delegators and like to hear their ideas and interact with them. We deliver direct support to our delegators. A dashboard for delegators is in progress, we are building one currently. (not a Grafana one) We are in this ecosystem for the long term and we are planning to build solutions on Cardano like we already did on Ethereum.

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