Was transaction accepted by blockchain

In mainnet I created cli transaction and got the hash: 1df383d07b565f031233b2dac41910ca4b221e03dd716a31bdeab240ffad5bd4

I have checked cardano-node logs:

[fc14ca34:cardano.node.Mempool:Info:4173425] [2022-01-31 11:54:17.52 UTC] fromList [(“tx”,Object (fromList [(“txid”,String “txid: TxId {_unTxId = SafeHash “1df383d07b565f031233b2dac41910ca4b221e03dd716a31bdeab240ffad5bd4”}”)])),(“mempoolSize”,Object (fromList [(“bytes”,Number 10748.0),(“numTxs”,Number 1.0)])),(“kind”,String “TraceMempoolAddedTx”)]
[fc14ca34:cardano.node.Mempool:Info:307] [2022-01-31 11:59:11.68 UTC] fromList [(“txs”,Array [Object (fromList [(“txid”,String “txid: TxId {_unTxId = SafeHash “1df383d07b565f031233b2dac41910ca4b221e03dd716a31bdeab240ffad5bd4”}”)])]),(“mempoolSize”,Object (fromList [(“bytes”,Number 0.0),(“numTxs”,Number 0.0)])),(“kind”,String “TraceMempoolRemoveTxs”)]

If there is message TraceMempoolRemoveTxs does it mean that it was not accepted?


I believe Tx was removed.

Make sure your ttl value is greater then current tip otherwise your Tx will expire and will not bee included.

Not sure how much you add now but try tip + 200 Seems to be recommended amount

You can always check Cardano Scan with your wallet addy to see if any Tx was accepted and sent.

I just researched that for another topic somewhere here and the wallet apps seem to even take 7200 (two hours), mostly. Given the current congestion maybe not such a bad idea …

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I’m running cardano-node 1.30.1 with parameters from November. We are creating transactions with and ttl is set for current tip + 5 minutes. We haven’t hower changed parameters since November. I will extend the ttl to 14 min and see if it helps.

you can check it on cardanoscan.io… as u can see it doesn’t exist
not found - Cardanoscan

try to upgrade to at least 1.32.1 (last version is 1.33.0)