We are Cardano Community Charity Coin

Hello Cardano Community!
Cardano is different from other blockchains. Its really for and by the people.
We want to embody the heart of Cardano in our project.
We seek to give users the benefits they want and in doing so work to change the world.
Every transaction with our token generates money for charity. We focus primarily on ways to replace legacy systems with fair blockchain solutions. The greatest threats to humanity are the systems created and run by humans. We of course will also support many other charitable interests which is decided on by the community itself. We would like to create a charity DAO that is fully transparent that can be used by any organization seeking to give to charity and know that their funds aren’t being eaten up by a middle man.
Not to mention our tokenomics allow for holders to gain more tokens through reflections and our dynmaic burn mechanism adds considerable value to the user.
We are in Beta right now and building as fast as we can.
We are available on Sundaeswap, Muesliswap, and Adax for trade.
Let’s build a better future together.

We are looking for team members who share our values to fill key roles. Everyone is welcome to volunteer and help any way they can.