We are UniCardano and we need your help! Poland

We are willing to run a summer course in blockchain this summer for teenagers, specifically the more vulnerable to have a chance in technology.

We found the place at a reasonable price but we need an instructor passionate to teach web3 technologies for the young ages 16-19 and to bootstrap this summer Bootcamp.

We are an NGO focused on education and development, bringing different values to crypto world and mindset.

Let us know if you are a good fit.


Web3 basic knowledge, this won’t be the focus of the course since its too broad, but basic concepts are needed to interact with metamask for example.

Having eth, ganache, truffle, smart contracts in solidity is a must but not necessarily professional. We consider any pet project you had before as valid.

We provide you

Allowance daily to be arranged

Lunch provided at the course

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At the end of the course, students will have an NFT mint on Milkomeda that will be their diploma.
They can be welcome in our project if they want to since it’s open source.