Web UI on top of Jormungandr

Hi all,

in my spare time i built a little UI on top of a jormungandr self node… basic functionalty like:

  • creating & importing wallets
  • getting ADA from the faucet account
  • initiate staking on your wallet on a specific pool (currently only the local one of course).


Feel free to try out, play with it and let me know what you think!



First of all, this is very cool to see what you have done. Was there an API you leveraged to tie into the node? I really like what you are doing, the only feedback I have (and it’s minor and I am sure you have a hundred ideas on things to add/do) is that it would be helpful to know when something is “processing”. The colored messages (green/yellow/red) made sense to me after I went through the process, but initially I hit delegate a few times because I was not sure if it was working or not. Will delegated funds unlock in five days on these test wallets? Will funds be automatically delegated again to the pool after the 5 day delegation period is complete?

HI @Joel_K, thanks for the feedback!

Let me recap for clarity, feel free to correct where necessary:
A. when you opened it, created a wallet (with 0 ADA - by default), you had the impression that ‘delegation was enabled’. Clear, so i’ll probably hide it or make it more clear that the button is disabled, perhaps add a tooltip ‘only possible with minimum 1 ADA’.

B. ‘these wallets’ are no different than Daedalus / Yoroi, they are just UI’s to register actions on the blockchain. The UX will probably be different for all, i use a self created JSON file while others have Ledger, Nano an mnenomic support. My point is that if you delegate your stake the entire balance is staked, i dont see any option to configure to stake only X ADA to Pool A and Y ADA to Pool B or delegate only a portion of your ADA (at this time). This would indeed mean that received funds are automatically delegated on next epochs. But since i can only conclude from my own experiences i would say that it’s best to wait for an official statement or at least untill the network / incentive node is released.

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