Web3 & Hops #DRMZteam Cardano Meetup - San Diego (Jan 18 recap)

Prologue: Though this the first event we’re posting about, it was not our first Meetup in San Diego as #DRMZteam. It was, in fact, the culmination of a series of Meetups and one year celebration of supporting the Cardano ecosystem. When we started these Meetups there was literally zero interest in Cardano in San Diego. In fact, certain groups even showed disdain for Cardano for literally no good reason. This, in part, sparked my interest in hosting Meetups: to “right” the wrongs created by FUD.

Because it was our biggest event to date, we called in the help of local friends “Cryptoheadz” who own the venue where the event was hosted, where they tend to host web3 Meetups of their own. It was repping Cardano at these Meetups that we met them and quickly became the “Cardano Guys”, a title worn proudly.

Furthermore, though I tend to do the presentation myself at the rest of the Meetups, Drew from GoatTribe was courteous enough to co-present with me. Magana from Pets R Us did the video work linked for the event.

Summary: The Meetup on January 18th was not only a celebration of the first year of our stake pool operation, but it also served as a successful cross-chain space that helped to onboard Cardano-averse folks into the ecosystem. The event was structured into three parts, with one hour of mingling, a 30-45 minute presentation and Q&A, and another hour of mingling to close the night. We provided food for the event and featured local artists and businesses during the mingling, creating a festive atmosphere.

During the mingling hour, attendees were introduced to the basics of the Cardano network, including how to create wallets, secure their key words, delegate to a stake pool, and transact and receive their first NFT. These sessions provided valuable insights into the basics of the Cardano network and helped attendees to gain a better understanding of the technology, making it easier for them to start exploring the ecosystem.

The presentation and Q&A session focused on Cardano’s unique features, including its sustainability, energy efficiency, and scalability. We also discussed the benefits of delegation and how it can contribute to the growth of the Cardano ecosystem. Attendees were highly engaged and asked insightful questions, highlighting the potential of Cardano to the web3 community.

Overall, the Meetup was a huge success, with attendees leaving with a greater understanding of Cardano and its potential. The event helped to showcase the network’s features and benefits to a web3-friendly crowd, encouraging them to explore the possibilities of Cardano further. Additionally, the event successfully onboarded individuals who were previously averse to Cardano, making it a successful cross-chain space.

Presentations for this event are available on our YouTube:
@DRMZ Academy

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Awesome recap @Rodrigo_Gomez

Is this video from the event:

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Asking others in the group for a photo of the group! Will update soon!

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