Web3 & Hops #DRMZteam Cardano Meetups - San Diego (August 30th)

On August 30th, DRMZ orchestrated another memorable meetup at Hopnonymous Brewing Co. in Kearny Mesa, San Diego. This was a return to where it all started for us and we made sure to make our attendees feel welcomed. The atmosphere was friendly and engaging, per usual, and we enjoyed some light-hearted conversation about Cardano and crosschain collaboration.

The event was not just about fun; it was a hub of knowledge. With a focus on educational web3 content, participants delved deep into discussions about Cardano and the broader implications of crosschain technologies, thanks to the insights provided by our use of Depass, a token gating solution built on Polygon. We minted 25 NFT passes, available for claiming via email alone, and attendees had to check in with DRMZ upon arrival to unlock additional rewards, adding an element of excitement and exclusivity to the event.

In essence, the August 30th meetup was a testament to DRMZ’s commitment to fostering a community of blockchain enthusiasts, ensuring that every participant left with new knowledge, connections, and anticipation for the next gathering. And as always, the mantra was clear: the more, the merrier!

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