Web3 & Brews #DRMZteam Cardano Meetup - San Diego (March 27th recap)

Prologue: This event came about after we attended a Bitcoin meetup at the Quantum Brewing location that mainly discussed privacy in transactions. After speaking to many in the crowd, we learned some would be open to learning about why we love Cardano so much. That included the owner of the bar.

This was expected to be a smaller Meetup than it turned out to be. Many of our friends from the community we’ve built up turned up and others at the bar took interest in our presentation, even going as far as asking questions. By the end the owner requested that we do one Meetup there a month! We were, of course, flattered.

Summary: On March 27th, we hosted an exciting event at Quantum Brewing, a new location that welcomed a whole new crowd. The owner of the bar usually hosts Bitcoin meetups, but allowed us to showcase Cardano’s potential in the long run. This event brought together new members who we had not interacted with before, creating a diverse and engaged group.

The event was structured similarly to our previous meetups, with one hour of mingling, a 30-45 minute presentation and Q&A, and another hour of mingling. During the mingling hour, attendees were introduced to the basics of the Cardano network, including how to create wallets, secure their key words, delegate to a stake pool, and transact with NFTs. These sessions provided valuable insights into the basics of the Cardano network and helped attendees gain a better understanding of the technology.

During the presentation and Q&A session, we discussed Cardano’s unique features, including its scalability, sustainability, and energy efficiency. We also talked about the importance of crosschain collaboration and how it can contribute to the growth of the Cardano ecosystem. Attendees were highly engaged and asked insightful questions, highlighting the potential of Cardano to the web3 community.

We also touched upon Project Catalyst, an exciting initiative that allows community members to propose and vote on funding for projects that will help grow the Cardano ecosystem. Additionally, we shared information about the Cardano Ambassador program, which provides individuals with the resources and support to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for Cardano with others.

Overall, the event was a huge success, helping to showcase Cardano’s potential to a new and enthusiastic group. Attendees left with a greater understanding of the Cardano network and its features, and we were able to foster a sense of community and collaboration among the attendees.

Looking forward to the next one!

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