Website Url


In the MetaData.json file, there is an element to specify the “homepage”
Is this a required field for a Public pool? I realize that it’s a good thing to have, but I’ve just put all this effort into understanding how to install the pool infrastructure and get the nodes running that I don’t want to wait to launch until I build a website.

Creating attractive websites is not my forte. Can I go live with a Public node without specifying that?

Also, I see that some pools are using twitter. Maybe linkedIn to get them started? LinkedIn pages always look good to me, so if it’s a requirement, perhaps I’ll make a simple page there for now.

Thanks for your feedback and opinions on this one!

you can use any reachable url

Well it’s always nice to have a website but you can change your metadata anytime and reregister so for now you can link a twitter or a linkedin page to speed the process.
I did pretty much the same by quickly creating a github site that i still need to create :smiley:

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