Can a pool list a fake website?

Hi guys,

Is this scenario possible?

I create a pool called “CocaCola” and add the official website in the meta data?

I guess not but that leads me to the following question.

Do poolowners have to verify ownership of the website they point to?

I noticed that the pool “Lux” points to but the metadata url is NOT on that website…That seems a bit odd to me (but could be perfectly fine)

i saw one yesterday that was showing a 99% for pool margin… was strange indeed

the URL listed in is the url to the metadata file. if you follow this url you can see the url of the pools website…

I understand.

In Case of “LUX” the metadata .json file is NOT on the website…

How do I know he owns the domain ?

To make it a bit more clear…

If I own the domain I am able to upload the metada json file to and I have proven that I own that domain…

If the json file is uploaded on a different website than the metadata pool homepage url, it is not proven you own that domain